Occupy Portland a Year Later

It’s been a year since Occupy Portland first marched. I haven’t finished editing and sharing all my photographs from that day. Here are a few I’m just getting to now.


Remember this cat? I thought I’d watched most influential cat videos, but I hadn’t heard about the No No No cat until this protest sign. I had to look it up when I got home. What internet memes will we see on protest signs this year?


Clowning is an entertaining way to protest, but what does it accomplish? I’m not dissing clowning in any way, I’m just wondering this to myself (and you, since you’re reading this). It’s certainly more effective than just being another body at a protest, if only because clowns draw more attention. It’s a witty protest, although it’s just entertainment for those that already understand your point of view if you aren’t performing for anyone other than your fellow protesters.

BP Oil Spill

My friend Maura was great with protest costumes and props. She glued boats and marine animals to a black plastic trash bag and was the BP Oil Spill. In following marches, she carried a cardboard cutout of Gollum in a white collar and tie.

Occupy Portland Crowd 2011


To celebrate, remember, and protest again, we’ll be meeting at Shemanski Park at noon (Saturday, October 6).

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