Possible Trouble

Earl Belke, a 35-year-old Boy Scout volunteer accused of physically and sexually abusing Boy Scouts during the late 1970s and early 1980s, did not know the color of his eyes. On a confidential one-page form that he filled out upon request from his superiors in the Boy Scouts, he speculated that his eye color was “brown (?).”

What do we do now with these files that Kelly Clark’s law firm has released to the public? In Oregon, this case is of enormous significance because Kerry Lewis, an Oregon resident, was awarded $1.4 million in a case that brought about this unprecedented release of confidential files that are 20 to 50 years old. The earliest of these particular files dates back to 1959; many of the cases were not pursued by the Boy Scouts. The state of Oregon has the dubious honor of being at the forefront of this news. Oregon Public Broadcasting was itself part of the effort to make the files open to the public and now they are easily accessible from the law firm’s website. You can order the list by name, date, state, or by city.

These files dissect the mind of a pedophile. You can look into the pages for a glimpse of institutionalized skepticism. Right there on the second page is a man who does not know what color his eyes are. And throughout each page and all the unwritten ones are the weak and the innocent. These pages document their nightmares.

Here at the Collective, is our response.

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