Sweet Hearts: Part One

Hannah had a vision of nights wasted away inside richly timbered Portland house with light hearts and well-matched silences. And for many of the years since high school when they’d first partnered up, if two words could describe her and Ryan, they would be some combination of “in” and “love.” But other words, might have […]

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And From These Two a Third

If the twine unravels to the very end the stuff gathering under my fingernails is being picked off whitewash at the bedside. And the stuff gathering in my ear is their sex-pruned and unfurtherable moss-talk, incubated under lamplight, which will have to be unlearned even though from there on everything is going to be learning. […]

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That Gets My Rocks Off

Let me preface this post by saying, it’s not fair that guys get the phrase, “That gets my rocks off.” It’s a good phrase, and I’m taking it back on behalf of the ladies. That being said, this week, our lovely blog leader Mary asked us to write a post explaining our writing process. I’ve […]

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Multiple Burners

Winter break: Back to upstate New York at last, at least for an hour, to write about two sisters and a small rusty town in the Appalachia. Strange that it all started on a plane ride to Chicago in September. Plane rides do wondrous things for my writing. The spaciousness of my bird’s eye view […]

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Can We Please Stop Slut-Shaming?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but it’s one of those concerns I have a hard time putting to words. Mostly, it’s feelings like, “This is not fair,” or more succinctly, “Grr.” Women have sex. Did you know that? Sometimes these women who have sex aren’t married. Still with me?  Some […]

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North Portland: An Overview

I wasn’t sure how to write notes on the thin slips of “Guest Check” paper I borrowed from the counter of Slim’s, but I pulled apart the sheets and took notes of the unruly musicians anyway. My boyfriend and I had found the only decorous corner of the bar and were on stools while he […]

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