Spring Cleaning

Cambridge Botanical Garden
The season is changing, our writers are musing on spring awakenings, and we think it’s time to tidy up the website too. We’ve revamped our Submissions page with a list of women-friendly journals to submit to. If any of our readers have other journals they want us to add to the submission list, we happily welcome suggestions (you can leave them in the comment field at the bottom of this page or our Submissions page).

We’ll also update the Submissions page each month with a featured journal. This month we’re highlighting VoiceCatcher, a journal based in the Portland area with the same mission as the Collective: building community and supporting other writers.

Regents ParkWe know the sun, blooming flowers, and the desire to be outside can be distracting this time of year, but don’t forget to make time for writing (and submitting). Hopefully our list of awesome, creative, and female-centric journals will be a good incentive to get you out of the sun and back into the darkness of your office (duh, it’s where writers belong). The sun is overrated anyway.

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