Meet: Elizabeth

I published this piece on my blog, True STORIES. last year but, of course, it’s as timely as ever: She says it was like a bad after-school special, and laughs. But there is sadness in her eyes, and shame. Not much, but it is there, I think. I want to say the right things, but it […]

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This Week in Grief

It’s been a weird seven days or so. I’d been dreading Wednesday (May 15th) for a while now, but for me it came six days early and continues on. May 15th of this year would’ve been my grandfather’s 82nd birthday had he not died of dementia on January 29th, 2012. A lot of people have […]

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Anita Loos & The New Indirect Feminism

Last week I attended an English department lecture about writer Anita Loos. Confession: I attended it foremost because free food was promised (#gradlife) and secondly because I saw the word “feminism” in the talk’s title. The lecture, “Putting his Pictures in the Papers (1916): Anita Loos, Douglas Fairbanks, and the Technologies of Indirect Feminist Rhetoric,” […]

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Notes on Camp

When I was in college, I had a really terrible magazine writing teacher. She was hired as a “working professional,” so while she might have been a successful writer for independently-run arts and culture quarterlies, her idea of teaching was busy work and aligning ourselves with her ways of thinking (“Harper’s Bazaar is the bane of […]

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Squeezing the Life Out of It

Something For Mother’s Day: I stand in the middle of the shower and squeeze. The water washes over my body in a warm rush, but I still shiver. The stream falls across my face as I stand patiently under the spray. I concentrate with a furrowed brow, so the water funnels between my eyes, running […]

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Girl on Girl: Lindsey Kugler

This past weekend, during a swelteringly hot spring day, I hid inside a coffee shop with Lindsey Kugler (as writers are wont to do) to discuss her recently published book, HERE, sexual exploration through writing, and N’Sync fan fiction (yep, that’s right). Is sex writing scary? No. I have been doing sex writing for a […]

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Why I Forage

I am not a survivalist. I don’t foresee a future when commercial food will not be available and food foraging will be a critical skill. The world is not going to end before the sun swells into a red giant, which won’t happen for another 5 billion years (and then there will be no Earth […]

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This Is a Southern Story

“Almost everything I write begins with dialogue,” Dorothy Allison told me when I interviewed her last week. “Then, trying to figure out who these people are. They have to be challenging enough, and make me curious enough to follow them, otherwise the story stalls.” I had seen Allison read aloud a story last July at […]

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