The Packwood Syndrome

What springs to mind when the name Bob Packwood is mentioned in conversation? Do you recall the successful political career he had as a United States senator? Do you ponder the interesting fact that he became the first Senate Republican to support Nixon’s impeachment in 1973? Or, when Packwood’s name is brought up do you […]

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A Girl on Girl Wish List

I’ve been writing the Girl on Girl series since the start of this year, and as I look back on the amazing women I’ve interviewed and the wise words they have shared, I am extremely thankful at my luck to have encountered so many inspiring people. Up next, I’ll share my interview with Kate Bernheimer, […]

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The First Fall Mushroom Hunts

My first mushroom gathering expedition for the fall was a bus/bike combo trip out to Cape Lookout. Eric had gone on a group Cycle Wild trip the weekend before and came home with pounds of yellow chanterelles. He wanted to take me out to see the beautiful coastline and enjoy the plentiful fungi. While Eric […]

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Late taking the kids to school, Daisy slowly released the brake as the shelves of paper towels and picnic paraphernalia, a leaning tower of colorful planting pots and an inside-out rubber glove slipped past her minivan window. Micah and Clara raucously argued over a “borrowed” scarf and who fed their frenetic dog, Digger, while Robbie […]

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The Threat of Stones

They say that humans might live here, but in these four walls, I found myself an unbeliever in the building’s life expectancy. The apartment swallowed me up each day and if I opened a window to let in a breeze or the afternoon sun, I heard too well the sounds of shattering glass and car […]

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Musing Over Jam

Last week I harvested some of my grapes and decided to make jelly.  My aunt and uncle were visiting, so I brought the grapes and supplies with me when I went to my parents’ house.  10 pounds of sweet Concord grapes.  Seeing that it would take me hours to pluck them off the stems, my […]

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What You Leave Your Kids

I knew something was up when my dad offered to drive me. I’d been home for a week on summer break and headed to my boyfriend John’s house. I didn’t need him to drive me, he never drove me, so that was the first thing. Then he asked my younger brother, Frank, to come along. […]

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The Escalator

When you get to Des Moines’ Airport you have to take an escalator down from your terminal to the baggage claim area. Those eight or ten other times I’ve come through here before, it turned into a game; a game to see how long it would take for me to catch a glimpse of his […]

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The Eastbank Killer

Attorney Donna Bosque finds her life turned upside down when an attractive associate at her firm becomes convinced the Eastbank Killer, who has been terrifying Portland, is directly linked to their law firm.   Next chapter Chapter One If it wasn’t for the cream-colored blouse unbuttoned an eighth of an inch lower than office decorum […]

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