No, Stop.

He says you are a “hot chick”
just like the others.

“Just think of it more like–you go girl,”
a female boss says
when you finally complain.
You think: you wouldn’t have
taken the job to be hot.

A year later, you hear
a woman say she has never
been employed without harassment.
You know
where she works and still,
you say nothing.

Later, you think of every day
of that job, digging trenches
in the sun with the women
beside you.

A deep fold of seeds
sits angry in your palm,
waiting in silence for some water
to bloom.

3 thoughts on “No, Stop.

  1. I love this poem! The older I get, the more I feel the plight of women in the workforce. And yet there is still so much back-stabbing, I don’t understand it. Shouldn’t we support each other as we all try to break the glass ceiling?


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