Full Of Content

Out of every fashion and design event taking place in Portland in the fall, this is the one I get most excited about. For the fourth year, the Ace Hotel presents live fashion and design installations in 28 of their hotel rooms. Each designer and artist is allowed a room as their framework to construct […]

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Dirty Talk With Kevin Sampsell

It has been a while since I’ve conducted one of my offshoot interviews of the Girl on Girl series, the Dirty Talk series. I am honored to bring it back with one of Portland’s most beloved writers, Kevin Sampsell. Kevin is one of the kindest writers/publishers/Powell’s employees I know. During my two-year tenure as a […]

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Starlet Celebrity

Hope we don’t have to sweep you up. You know, money comes from dust, from ground down paper like they’ve made you with folded tabs like paper dolls. Somewhere you know these wolves will grind your legs to dust. We learn it— girls get devoured if they don’t get old. Disappeared. Hag. Haggle. Wrinkle. Sold. […]

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