A Winter Preview for Networking Women Writers

Courtesy of VJConnor via Flickr

In my family, I have the reputation of being the sibling who is most in the loop of cultural happenings, events, and (especially) good eateries in whatever city I happen to be living in. This need to dig and find new places or events to be excited about may have even contributed to my recent move to New York, where I have the Herculean task of becoming acclimated, and informed. I think I might be up to it.

My nosiness (or lack of shame when it comes to this kind of thing?) has proven beneficial for revving up the courage to ask for interviews from a few people I admire. In 2012, I posted profiles of the feminist printers of Springtide Press and Anagram Press, She Writes Press, the self-publishing wing of She Writes, humor writer Elissa Bassist, fiction writing master Dorothy Allison, and my beloved teacher Leni Zumas. Wow! What a year!

I plan to begin my winter previews in 2013 with a profile of VIDA, based on an interview that was graciously given by the Count’s director, Jen Fitzgerald. Then, I would like to round the corner by checking in with Hedgebrook, which offers prestigious residencies for women writers, She Writes (the community as separate from the press), The Feminist Press, a nonprofit publisher of books that “promotes freedom of expression and social justice,” and a few other organizations that are local to New York. I would like to use these profiles to bring you a few organizations that might make you feel not so alone in the room of your own, or in the room that you share with your toddler or roommate or intrusive cat. For many writers, a sense of community is a helpful way to defeat the winter blues. Certainly, a person as nosy as I cannot help but be involved with a community of writers.

The goal of the PDXX Collective is to provide both a publishing platform for new and emerging women writers and a community that will help these writers achieve their goals. And if you would like to see your writers of the PDXX Collective in person, please join us next Sunday, December 22, at 7 pm at the Waypost in Portland. We’ll have readings from Andrea, Theresa, Chelsea, Carrie, Mari, Emily Walker, Kait, Susan, Emily Hemson, Sophia, Şermin, Karelia, and yours truly. Lady Elaine is also scheduled to perform a few songs.

Be merry, be joyful, and be ever-productive, dear ones, for ’tis the season to be writing. See you soon.

P.S. Do holler if you have a suggestion for an organization of women writers or a writer in particular that I could profile. Comment below or send in a form here.

3 thoughts on “A Winter Preview for Networking Women Writers

  1. Great post, love the support. Quick correction though. She Write Press isn’t self-publishing; it’s a hybrid press that combines self (in terms of control and profit) with traditional (vetting and distribution).


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