Structures Surprise

Well I did it.  I made it through a term of graduate school as a mother of an infant.  I didn’t do it gracefully, but I did do it successfully.  My biggest worry this term was passing Structures.  We’re told the structures series is the hardest two courses we will take in architecture school.  I […]

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“He served in Iraq. Three years.” The pudgy man pointed to his friend next to him, and the friend nodded over his beer. “Cheers,” I said, and clinked bottles with him. A subtle motion, completely ineffectual. The pudgy man continued talking to me, as if the veteran wasn’t there. “He has…what do you call it? […]

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Eastbank Killer – Chapter Seven

The Eastbank Killer – A Serial Novella Attorney Donna Bosque finds her life turned upside down when an attractive associate at her firm becomes convinced the Eastbank Killer, who has been terrifying Portland, is directly linked to their law firm. Start from the beginning Previous chapter Chapter Seven The reality of her situation struck Donna […]

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‘Tis The Season to be Hollow

I wasn’t always sure why I instantly started feeling pangs of dread when jingle bells creep their way into television and radio commercials. When Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Hooooo,” taints the ads and infiltrates my commute, I start to get bitter beer face. I’ve had this issue for quite a few years now. Really, since I […]

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Death and Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona is as pathetic as a tourist trap can get, its inauthenticity reeking like drugstore cologne up and down both sides of the freeway. I’m not being cynical; I love a good souvenir stand, a notable place to snap a picture. But I like to be lured with finesse and charm, my debit card […]

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Jealousy Judgment and Motherhood

photo by My friend @megdonohue just tweeted, “‘Nonworking mother’ is an oxymoron. Show me a mother, and I’ll show you a woman working her ass off.” I wish my first thought had been: “Ha! I agree, great one Meg!” But, I’ll admit it, instead it was: “How did she have time to be funny […]

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On Letting Go: Part One

Unhealthy family dynamics revolve around the expectations they place on their children to compensate for their own inadequacies and failures. This results in destroyed sibling relationships, and continuous estrangement over years that is rarely, if ever, understood. When these social dynamics cause a person nothing but pain, do you sometimes wonder what you should do? […]

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