Her Published Life

Oh, I am so chock full of every gruesome spotch on this winter Midwest beach               different iterations ………………………….. days swinging by as we fly into the open lake            She is my foggiest Memory: no one meant to eat this on their plate, head song          smashed against the outside of a door, the brunt of […]

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Your breasts: Now in 3D

There’s nothing quite so awful as spending a week thinking you might have cancer—and knowing that even if you don’t, one day you probably will. The chances of cancer being a genetic risk in my family is pretty high. Even though my mom’s breast cancer was BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative, the fact she and her […]

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My Father on Foraging for Ramps

Growing up in Maryland we simply referred to the homestead of our family friend as “the farm.” When I was a kid, the farm had horses for us to ride, hay lofts, cherry trees, sweet corn, and grape vines. On the farm “there are so many different environments, upland, lowland, stream-side, thick humus,” my father explained […]

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“Beautiful and Brainy”

Madison Holleran was a 19-year old University of Pennsylvania student and a promising track star at her university, until a week ago, when she threw herself off a parking garage in Philadelphia. Many young adults commit suicide everyday, but interestingly Madison’s death was reported in cities where seemingly she had a very small, or even […]

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Eastbank Killer Chapter 10

The Eastbank Killer – A Serial Novella Attorney Donna Bosque finds her life turned upside down when an attractive associate at her firm becomes convinced the Eastbank Killer, who has been terrifying Portland, is directly linked to their law firm. Start from the beginning Previous chapter Donna woke slowly, her body stretching to remembered pleasure. […]

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WTF, Jez? The Lena Dunham Debacle

Wanting to look nice isn’t a character flaw. It doesn’t mean you hate yourself, or you’re judgmental of other people’s appearances, or any number of superficial shames. Photoshop and Instagram, with their light-bending and pimple erasures, are not inherently evil. When used sparingly, they can elevate the raw material that a basic camera produces and make […]

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