narrative personal

i was hoping to see you yesterday              needed to read sure your words are still there          spent so long near the estuary pacing             paid paged visits to so many rivers         swam            whole volumes to find our stories             but couldn’t find you yesterday      wanted to red flag you to make […]

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Be Friends with Rapists

This month, Feministing published an article called “Don’t Be Friends with Rapists,” which was rapidly passed around my friends through social media. I was disappointed by this simplistic and damaging way of handling a major social problem. You shouldn’t defriend rapists (and abusers). (Throughout this post, I will be using gender neutral pronouns for both […]

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VIDA Count 2013

Women writers will get a little lift in their sails this week from the just-published VIDA Count for 2013. VIDA, a volunteer-run nonprofit that seeks equality in publishing, annually publishes pie charts that compare the rates at which men and women are published. This year’s VIDA Count examined the rates that women were published in […]

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Omniscience, Part One: I

I am the way, the truth and the light, the om and the omen—I am, seriously, the rock of ages and the roll of the die. Alone in that wilderness of hydrogen and helium, that ever-silent night, I could hardly believe when I heard it: the sound of my own voice. I, alone! I, unique. […]

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On Writing the Serial Novel

I would never be so reductive as to say there were two kinds of writers. But there are two kinds of writers. Every agent website warms against the first kind. “Don’t,” they plead, “scribble out 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo, type ‘the end’ and send us your work without editing.” Today, however, I am interested in […]

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The Reality Dilemma

People either love or despise reality television. The dilemma is that this form of entertainment remains socially relevant and informs Americans of their values. Perceptions of popular culture and our assumptions about our values are influenced by television and the manner that it echoes our own behaviors and pastimes. There are realities on the other […]

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Soft Like Silk and Sky

You are not interested in more pain. No cutting, no corsets, no daylong hangovers, no S&M. You are interested in numbing, a little, in what two glasses of wine does to your lips, in taking a sleeping pill, in putting your head underwater. Ice, scar tissue, that kind of thing. You’ve had enough pain so […]

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