Am I Provincial?

The Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog, Day 19
Am I Provincial?

I was inspired to create the Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog project after hearing Allison Moon’s keynote speech at the Write to Publish conference at Portland State University. She talked about sharing her journey as a self-published author through video blogs. I thought I would do something similar as my publisher, Sapphire Books, and I prepared The Purveyor for publication.

I have not been as faithful to doing a blog every day as I had hoped to be, but that has taught me something too.¬†Sometimes it is okay to bend the rules, especially the ones we set for ourselves. It also taught me that it is important to continue a project, even if I’m not perfect. If imperfection stopped me, I’d never do anything!

Anyway, enough of that…here is the latest installment, dedicated to all those Oregonians who love their state with a deep, sentimental passion.

This video is also in honor of the Golden Crown Literary Society which is having its annual conference in Portland this weekend.

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