a city-slicked reach

a chemical weep a gated lake drift a littered old heap a walk on the beach a duck’s narrow knees shored on concrete get on the dock look at that fish shiny like trash this freshwater beach a big owner’s dream a weeping sand dune a city-slicked reach

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Linda Villarosa

For my latest profile, I caught up with Linda Villarosa, an award-winning writer. Villarosa is a professor of journalism at the City College of New York and the author of many health articles. Among her many achievements, she has trained journalists from around the world to better cover the international HIV/AIDS epidemic. Her mother, Clara […]

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Am I Provincial?

The Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog, Day 19 Am I Provincial? I was inspired to create the Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog project after hearing Allison Moon’s keynote speech at the Write to Publish conference at Portland State University. She talked about sharing her journey as a self-published author through video blogs. I thought I would do […]

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While driving to dinner with my sister and her friend, we started talking about our summer fitness goals. My ever-busy sister said she’d be happy just to make it to yoga and go kickboxing with her boyfriend on the weekends. Her friend said she wanted to drop down to 145 lbs. “Me too,” I said. “I’m […]

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The Underwear Thief

In fifth grade I started stealing my friend’s underwear. My mother bought me my own, of course, plain white and black and sometimes pink jockeys with a very occasional bikini cut. I hated these underwear. They sagged in the back, making any skirt look like it covered a wet diaper, and poked out of the […]

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