Reading at the Waypost

Thank you to everyone who joined us on August 19 for the PDXX Collective reading at the Waypost. Here are our writers!

Mary Breaden
Mary Breaden read her short story, “The Threat of Stones”.
Emily Walker
Emily Walker read a personal story about the death of her grandfather.
Andrea Janda
Andrea Janda read her poem “Birding/Breakage.”
Lauren Hudgins
Lauren Hudgins read her essay about the suicide of Robin Williams, “Goodbye Genie.”
Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev
Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev read a personal story about being affected by the news of violence against girls in India.
Maya Seaman
Maya Seaman read “Talking Myself through a Cancer Scare.”
Carrie Hamm
Carrie Hamm read her poem “The Heart’s Spring Came Long Ago.”
Tabitha Jensen-Blankenbiller
Tabitha Jensen-Blankenbiller read from her Wordstalker column.
Emily Hemson
Emily Hemson demonstrates squeezing avocados for an old man with ulterior motives.

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