birding / breakage

living so close to nature nature is forced to live too close to us barking, braying, biting animals on wheels endless animals — ourselves and others crushed beneath the treads in the desert, murderers steal her name slip into the crown of Isis, an empty throne a horned sun, a winged kite play-pretend at Calipha […]

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Ryan Starts Talking

My girlfriend Molly drives because she gets the least drunk. We drive to the city to visit the bars. We usually do shots for good luck. It’s 45 minutes to get down there. We don’t do it much. We used to have some outbuildings on my grandma’s property, one where I fixed mowers with my […]

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Goodbye, Genie

I am no authority on suicide. I have no degree or license in counseling. I have no training. I have never been on the receiving end of a hotline. I have never seriously considered suicide (suicidal ideation is not the same). Nor have I ever helped a friend live to the other end of a […]

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Feminism’s False Demons

You know that social media pro-birth control blitz Lena Dunham started?  With women holding signs saying why they use birth control?  Well, inevitably someone asked the opposite, and it has become its own media blitz, being shared by religious groups across the internet.  As I perused through the images and read the signs, I got angrier […]

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In the Jungle

My mother is deep in her bed with her socks on, sticking out. She never wore socks, so I remember it surprised me. Her heels were always cracked, like mine are now, and though she perpetually tried to soften them, with creams and socks and special razors, in the summer they immediately toughened up, calloused […]

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