Dear readers,

If I fail to write a PDXX Blog post every two weeks, I must be excused because:

  • I have SAD.
  • I have sadness.
  • I don’t fucking feel like it.
  • Any kind of deadline brings crushing anxiety. (Yes, I went to graduate school to be a writer. Don’t judge me like that. I can see your derisive snarl from here.)
  • I’m destined for greater things and should be working on those very important things instead.
  • The Republicans took the senate and concentrated denial requires all the mental and emotional energy I have right now.
  • I don’t think I have my own personhood anymore.
  • I’d rather be at karaoke.
  • Wasn’t I writing a book? I shouldn’t work on anything else if I’m not working on that book.
  • I procrastinated. I procrastinate. I’m still procrastinating.
  • Sometimes at night I think about my family dying and then I get very frightened and cry a little. I can’t stop it.
  • Only my friends read what I write, and they love me anyway.
  • NaNoWriNothing
  • #GamerGate
  • Maybe I should up my meds?
  • You didn’t notice that I didn’t submit a blog post. Nothing is missing in your life.
  • I got E. coli. Not Ebola. E. coli.
  • My intense love of writing died in young adulthood and I’ve been parading around its translucent corpse like an Olympic torch.



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