Bold Gals Opine

Thank you, everyone, for reading the PDXX Collective. It’s been a successful year for us, but as always, there’s room for improvement. Bold Gals Opine Should blog maintanence be forgot and never a redesign? Should blog maintenance be forgot while bold gals opine? CHORUS: For bold gals opine, by jove, for bold gals opine, we’ll […]

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Crowdfunding Tips From Plum Alley

For this profile, I connected with Jan Mercer Dahms, who works in business development at Plum Alley, a crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular among start-ups and nonprofits and I was curious to learn more about this platform that helps women fundraise.   What was your background before working with Plum […]

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One of Cuba’s most notorious bands, Porno para Ricardo is nothing if not controversial. Their unrelenting anti-Castro stance has made them a thorn in the side of that regime and a darling of the Miami exile community, and fellow punk rockers debate the band’s position within the island’s small scene: some applaud their cojones, others call them […]


Holding Pattern

This guest contribution comes from Patricia Brooks. Ms. Brooks has published two novels with Dell, Falling From Grace and But For The Grace. Her novel, And Whose Little Girl Are You?, is about the recovery from rape of the same character earlier in her life. * Poised precisely like a drop on the lip of […]

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The Many Lives, Two Deaths and Double Kidnapping of Dr. Ellsworth: Part Two

This second guest contribution comes from Ross Eliot, who wrote a memoir about his time living with Dr. Babette Ellsworth, a prominent college professor, transwoman, and aspiring nun in Portland, Oregon. You can read the first installment of the Babette series here. * On a late Friday afternoon in mid-November 1999, Babette excitedly bustles around the […]

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the hooves of history chase a country through a guillotine          a driver’s side the squad car’s open window and you are the white man sleeping in the house at the top of a hill an inheritor in the will of your grandfathers’ stables your wiped clean record repeats can you awaken […]

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