Bold Gals Opine

Thank you, everyone, for reading the PDXX Collective. It’s been a successful year for us, but as always, there’s room for improvement.

Bold Gals Opine

Should blog maintanence be forgot
and never a redesign?
Should blog maintenance be forgot
while bold gals opine?

For bold gals opine, by jove,
for bold gals opine,
we’ll take a cup of Freshly Pressed,
for bold gals opine.

And surely you’ll blog your heart out
and surely I’ll blow mine!
And we’ll take a cup of Freshly Pressed,
for bold gals opine


We too have groaned about blank space,
and poured the flowing rhyme,
and we’ve wondered if we should push submit,
since bold gals opine.


We too have typed until we burn,
from morning sun sublime.
Please don’t obscene us if you’re bored,
while bold gals opine.


And here’s the end, my trusty fans!
And thanks for reading our lines!
And we’ll take our right to write our thoughts,
for bold gals opine.


Happy new year everyone. Blog on!

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