After Rebecca Lindenberg

Hannah Baggott is remembering when Facebook was all state of being and where you are. Hannah Baggott is making lamb stew, but will never ask you to dinner. Is out to coffee, but isn’t telling you where. Hannah Baggott I remember when is disappeared. Hannah Baggott My name is becoming a curse. Hannah Baggott I want to post about the tragedies and the injustices and the natural disasters, but I don’t know what to say. Hannah Baggott  Privilege is blinding. Hannah Baggott I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. Hannah Baggott has trouble stating opinions. Hannah Baggott is assuming you don’t care about her success, but will tell you anyway, because that’s what everyone else does. Is thinking your posts are obnoxious. Is also obnoxious. Hannah Baggott I’m tired. Hannah Baggott is not telling you everything, because that would be more obnoxious. Hannah Baggott is hoping not to sound like a navel-gazer. Is in love with the word navel-gazer. Is there’s nothing wrong with looking at your bellybutton. Is remembering when she touched her bellybutton too much when she was five and it got infected because she had an inny and she was fat and sweaty all the time and on the church camping trip, the paramedic deacon had to give her medicine, though as she looks back, she realizes it was just rubbing alcohol and shame. Hannah Baggott My name is a curse. Hannah Baggott Do doctors suggest that patients with memory loss scroll through their public records? Do they remember? Are they glad they don’t?

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