To Eat My Ovaries

J.M. Yales


J.M. Yales is a queer identifying female writer currently living in Utah, but originally from Milwaukee, WI. Her start in feminist commentary came from personal blogging, but was expanded by FemPop Magazine between 2012 and 2014. Her writing and research interests include the representation of minority populations in Science Fiction genres and the Arts.

J.M. says that this particular poem is about the ‘shopping cart wars’ currently going on over what people on government aid (specifically food stamps) should or should not buy.

Artwork: The Child Eaters, by Tina Bell Vance


What a wonderful thing it would be
to eat my ovaries
(and any progeny waylaid within).
To limit my impact on this world
and my spending therein,

But alas, I am mortal.

What a miraculous thing it would be
to scramble my ovum
in cast iron pan with milk,
a splurge, I’ll concede.
But I cannot make my own
without eggs:

Juevos Madres.

Show me your shopping cart,
I’ll show you mine.


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