Open Letter to the Selfie Generation

Dear Millennials,

You are beautiful. Do not listen to people who say you are vain. They are over fifty, and they are jealous of your pores.

They do not realize how good they would look if photographed with the Camera+ app.

Buy a selfie stick. You create the life you live. Photograph it from the best angle.

Remember the good times. Catalog them. Revisit the photostream.

Keep the outtakes.

Do not post them on Tumblr….even when she breaks up with you.

Learn how to discern a real smile in pictures. This will assure you can tell the difference in life.

Do not be jealous of your friends’ beauty. By the time you figure out who was the prettiest, it won’t matter.

Take naked pictures.

Print them and store them in a box labeled “spring.”  Delete them from your computer. Do not share them.

Be beautiful for as long as possible. There is no reason to grow a mullet. Ever. Unless it is ironic and you are under twenty.

When you are sixty, do not envy the child you were.

Do not be sad when your beauty moves inward. Remember, kindness is the best filter and happy people are always beautiful.



Karelia is author of the YA novel Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before

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