Photo by Robbie Brindley

Ciara Cerrato is a writer and poet who received her bachelor’s in English from the University of Central Arkansas. She currently lives and works in central Arkansas, and she is a freelance writer and editor. She is at work on her first book of poetry.

This poem is the first in a three-part series featuring Ciara’s work.

In the dead end grasses of a solitary farm, I watch two beef cows embrace,
escaped amid the tepid winds and the vernal sweat that beads the evening.

One tenderly laps the nape of the other, their eyes dozing in ecstasy.

The feeding hay is laid; my days are splayed behind me, ahead of me,
and the hunger.

But in relish they remain, with the coursing of the pulse through carotid.

When the beef cow is spent of her brood
and she is torn for the offering, I wonder
if the brewer’s grain and bitter grass and hot breath,
the tempered throb through glistened fur will be tasted
somewhere within her muscled, silenced tongue.

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