The Pear of Anguish

Photo by Robbie Brindley

Ciara Cerrato is a writer and poet who received her bachelor’s in English from the University of Central Arkansas. She currently lives and works in central Arkansas, and she is a freelance writer and editor. She is at work on her first book of poetry.

This poem is the third in a three-part series featuring Ciara’s work. Her other poems on PDXX Collective included “The Refrain” and “Work.”



You are a god damned crazy bitch.

You: Because I am me or because you think I am
God Damned: Because I’m hopeless or because I ate the fruit of the
Crazy Bitch: Because it’s not a soul, just a hole and hysterics inside of me —

Do you think this is funny?

You are nothing.
You are no one.


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