New Look

Put your hands together for PDXX Collective’s fresh new look! Our latest artwork (at the top of the homepage and on our social media pages) is fresh off the desktop of graphic designer Alison Shanik Breaden. When I met with Alison to discuss the redesign of the site, we talked about softening the minimalist look with a few playful images, while maintaining the firmness of the black and white header. Alison took a few suggestions from some of us and created a beautiful new logo, as well as the pictorial map illustrated in the image at the top of this page and here:


While our logo plays on the idea of Xs and Ys — firm lines or mere illusions? — our site’s pictorial map suggests the connections between our site’s contributors and staff writers, from our Pacific Northwest roots to the cheesy Midwest to the caffeinated East to the old-school South and across the pond to a wine-loving European nation. This idea of connections and shared feminist values across gender, across politics, across race, across class, is one that prompted me to start this site in 2012 and this idea is one that I, and perhaps you too, continue to be passionate about.

We all have different, even conflicting ideas of what our feminism means, but one thing that we do share is a dedication to supporting our fellow writers. If you’re a working writer, we would love to hear from you. You can find our submission guidelines here, or just drop us a line at pdxxcollective at gmail dot com. We look forward to connecting with you!

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