Christina-Cano.jpgtwitterCristina Cano is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and theater nerd. Above all, she is a performer who loves to play with language. Cristina creates music under the name Siren and the Sea, and has also most recently been seen on stage accompanying Portland’s Sallie Ford, and Albatross. She has been involved with the performance community as an actress and collaborator for Action/Adventure, Milagro, and The Working Theater Collective. Having graduated from Portland State with a degree in Theater Arts, she finds inspiration in the dramatic potential of the everyday. Most Recently she has been exploring the vast capabilities of performance through the evolving landscape of social media. The digital-age is weird.


Trump and condos and all the people moving to your city suck and the weather is different than it was yesterday and everybody is upset about who won that thing last week and no one can get jobs and Bernie is cool and here is how you make something delicious in 8 steps and your baby is photogenic and you’re getting married and you are single again and tinder and your band is killing it and you got new shoes today and festivals are filled with awesome things and cultural references make you laugh and here’s a photo of a baby panda and you need a break from social media and it’s all about content and followers and likes and don’t be irrelevant and guess who is still on Facebook.

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