Song In Spite of HB2



I am not           watching the news                  We are                the news the ones that break            and help break    laws A colleague warned me     before the protest      they’re taking names if you want to go quietly instead             and I see        job loss                    run rumored and rampant     but I am young     enough             maybe naïve enough    not to be afraid      of  nameless overhead                                         to say areyoufuckingkiddingme  at the thought of abandoning                    this outcry       even as the campus is tight-mouthed                      and angry                    and sotiredofthegays and                                 c a l m d o w n i t s n o t l i k e t h e y c a n e n f o r c e i t

there is no calm           in our small force of power                                 still notaprotectedclass  rings out                    from the radio         and already they                                  are so tired      of the protests facultymustcomply voices        fade in and out            lost from screeching justice       I am louder and more awake than ever

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