Sometimes the world

Erol-KintwitterErol P. Kin is an educator, writer, husband and father in the San Francisco Bay Area. Erol is currently working on a publication written during an unmedicated manic period brought on by undiagnosed bipolar disorder. The title of this manuscript is “Birds in Flight.”

Sometimes the world

Sometimes the world is too much for him.


The months of empty hollow: the dull thud of a bad baseball bat, the whomp of a car
door closing through thick hanging heat.
Then, one morning, after three months away from the highs, he soars for two nights.

The world grins for his smile. And in the morning he feels every prickle of the world,
every joy in every breeze.
And prickles go sharp.
Flinty stings.
And a slate dome descends.
And there’s no glory in the downs.


There is only down.

The abyss in her eyes.
Slump in the shoulders of his son.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the world

  1. I know not what life holds for any of us but you have a soul and a mind that can reach out to others and do good in this world. Just embrace each moment of clarity you have and know there are lots of things you’ve done that have brought the same clarity you seek to others. You are a good person, no matter what.


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