Crick or Creek

  Marianne Lyon has been a music teacher for 39 years. After teaching in Hong Kong she returned to the Napa Valley and has been published in various literary magazines and reviews. She spends time each year teaching in Nicaragua. She is a member of the California Writers Club and Healdsburg Literary Guild. She is an Adjunct […]

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Lake House

Melissa Watt holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Breakwater Review, Ohio Edit, Lunch Ticket, Cheap Pop, Poetry Quarterly and Black Heart Magazine. Lake House When I get home, I break a mirror, twisting to see the back of my reflection. This sudden neon sense of […]

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What Type of Red Are You?

Michael Fisher holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College and is an MA candidate in English at Clark University. He is the author of the book Libretto for the Exhausted World available from Spuyten Duvil Press. What Type of Red Are You? but that’s not what happened, she said her red hair on […]

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