Like Spilled Honey

kyle-k-andersonKyle K. Anderson is the recipient of a Fulbright. His work has recently been published in Construction, Town Creek Poetry, Whistling Shade, and elsewhere. A native New Orleanian, he currently resides in San Antonio, TX where he teaches world geography to high schoolers. He plays guitar in a rock and roll band called Levees. You can follow them on Instagram.

Like Spilled Honey

When thunder comes
Over the road

You set your glass out
On the porch steps

And wait
Like a gravestone.

The sun shoos crows
Into your eyes

As you sit licking
Dust from your lips—

Wasps replace
The world’s hum.

You blink to see
A woman in a white dress

Crushing blackberries
In her hand, the soft squish

Of death,
The dark rivers

Building in her palms.
All this time, nothing matters.

Our shadows disappear
Like a pack of thirsty dogs, and every star

Becomes a dagger
In the ceiling.

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