“Waiting” art from Sarah Mottley

sarah-mottleytwitterSarah Mottley is a graduate of Ivy Tech and Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications. You can find her work on DeviantArt and he poetry project “Poeticize” on SoundCloud.


“‘Waiting'” is a monochromatic composition, which explores beauty that is not only skin deep, but bone deep.  After all, appearances are deceiving to the naked eye, and within is where real beauty lies… 

As an artist, I wanted to convey the idea of decomposition within my composition. Taking two halves to create a whole was a process of blending elements.  Yet, the whole shows a physical disintegration.

“Waiting” was created digitally in Photoshop.  Most of my artwork is digital, although I have been working with so-called “junk” to create recycled art as of late.


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