The New American Dream

hilary-brownfacebookHilary Brown  grew up in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, and now makes her home in Charleston, South Carolina with devoted husband and two beautiful children. She is a busy professional, and a spectacularly unsuccessful DIY’er. She enjoys writing historical fiction, colorful family memoir, and has had some recent success in flash fiction. She found this experience both daunting and tons of fun. She hopes to complete her first novel over the next year.


The NEW American Dream


The President of the United States of America addresses the nation from the safety of the Oval Office, where he outlines his plan to recreate The American Dream. He discusses the implementation of a revised immigration policy, and a newly renovated community.


“My fellow Americans,” said the President of the United States, after a quick glance at Teleprompter. “Greetings, from the Oval Office. I come to you on this cold January night to present my greatest legacy, even as I prepare to depart this ‘Highest Office in the Land.’

The Great Colossus, inscribed with words penned by Emma Lazarus, once implored the world to ‘…Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me…’

“Our great Lady of Liberty flung wide her arms in welcome to those tired and poor. Our ancestors crossed seas to answer the call of The American Dream and built our great nation.

“The intervening years witnessed the erosion of that American Dream. Our borders were be-sieged, our country itself torn asunder as we fought the overcrowding of both school and prison. In time, we simply had no further need of the ‘homeless, tempest-tost,’ but by then it was too late; the ‘throngs of wretched refuse’ continued to flood our land.

“But no more—” he thrust a finger at Teleprompter. “We have finalized a plan which will allow us to fling open the doors once again.” He glanced at Teleprompter for affirmation. “We have eliminated the daily struggle for jobs and resources, perhaps forever!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, following exhaustive research and socio-economic studies, our team has secured a prime location and has cleared a brand new gated space which will soon boast luxurious homes and a thriving community. We have created a new habitat for the American Dream. This project comes at no cost to you, the tax payer. No, we simply converted the space once held by an obsolete government facility.

“If you recall, our first initiative almost four years ago, was to eliminate the last remnants of the Cold War’s arms race. We are the first and only Super Power to have destroyed all nuclear weapons, along with the materials for their construction. We completed the final step in this process last year with the closure of the Los Alamos Nuclear Test Facility. No longer are we the world’s bully! Our friends and enemies need no longer fear and hate us. Yes, my fellow Americans, we are safe and we are free!

“The New Los Alamos Estates and Country Club, built on the site of the former Nuclear Test Facility, will contain all modern amenities to welcome Non-Americans. We chose Los Alamos for several reasons. This location is rich with fertile soil, right in the heart of the desert. No fertilizer necessary. Imagine if you will, lush grass now grows over a previously uninhabitable wasteland. Six months ago we were still finding stray nuclear warheads. Today, livestock feed on diverse vegetation, thrive and produce astonishing levels of milk and meat, with barely a hint of radioactivity. Crops grow at accelerated pace, sometimes double or triple the projected yield.

“Everyone, regardless of nationality, race, or ethnicity will have the opportunity to pursue their American Dream. Our studies have shown that these people are highly skilled in the areas of construction, landscaping and farming. Therefore, each family will be provided with land and the plans to construct a one thousand square foot, four bedroom, one bath home. And thanks to the surrounding wall, which will be manned twenty-four hours per day by both armed guards and dogs, our guests will remain safe from the ethnic racism which has plagued them for too long.

“Lakes and streams meander through the desert landscape, providing sparkling water which is twenty-five percent potable. Children will swim and play in streams right alongside newly discovered species of freshwater fish. Remember kids, bring your fishing poles,” he winked indulgently at Teleprompter.

“We have drafted an ambitious plan for full implementation, encompassing two phases of processing, one for those wishing to enter the US and on for those already here. Both groups are welcome to bring as many items as may fit in a carry-on sized bag.

“Effective immediately, anyone wishing to immigrate to the US shall disembark at Los Alamos for processing. Then beginning tomorrow, all existing Non-Americans must appear before their nearest immigration office to begin the transport process.

“On arrival at Los Alamos Estates, the new residents will be assigned their home sites, the previously mentioned architects house plans, job tasks, and term of indenture.

“Now we realize that not all may wish to stay at Los Alamos indefinitely. We have made provision for residents to apply for ‘leave to vacate,’ following the term of indenture. All applicants must first successfully complete exams on both language and culture, give the Oath of Loyalty, and pay all citizenship dues.

“We expect that this new process will eliminate illegal immigration altogether. However, in order to ensure compliance and fairness, we will be requiring all persons either inhabiting, visiting or otherwise dwelling in the United States to demonstrate proof of citizenship at all times. Pursuant to Article 172.587b, under the new Immigration Protocol Legislation, any individual found outside of the gates of Los Alamos without papers, or W.O.P., will be immediately escorted to Los Alamos.

“And finally, within the gates of Los Alamos Estates, we have implemented a zero tolerance policy on any persecution based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or lack thereof. Violators will be immediately executed in full public view.

“Following this broadcast, we will take you behind the walls where French Canadian television host, Bryer Bacon will host a tour of our new community. For now, thank you. And God Bless America.” A tear trailed down the President’s face as he cast a final glance at Teleprompter, basking in its admiration.

“Uh, Mr. President?” called his Press Secretary just as the camera switched off, “sorry, Sir, but we have a problem.”

“Better be quick,” he replied, “I’m late for my tee time.”

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