Turn, Turning

jenny-ketotwitterJenny Keto is an actress and writer born and raised in Austin, Texas. After spending some years in NYC, she returned to Austin to attend nursing school. Jenny looks forward to the prospect of helping others for a living. Her poems can be found inPainted Cave Literary Journal and The City Key.

Turn, Turning

I eavesdrop

as leaves drop
like borrowed pages from books past due
like late slips

they waltz

later down

so dew soaked
by Fall dawn falling

A leaf just misses
like kisses

you soft

landed softly
on my windswept crown    pressed
by the kept folds of my earmarked eyes

My smile turns pages

scans stranger lips
hears their strange patter

how pattern rains
what sound makes as

seasons change to nameless coins and chime
Autumn’s auburn murmur     burns cold time

& words drift     free

as holophrases
cast isolated figments

pigments of story
each last season turns


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