The Mirth of Your Stars Your Only Welcome

erik-bergholmErik Bergholm is a poet, lost in the vast forests of northern Minnesota. He is a fan of anything involving outer space, heavily distorted guitars, and H.P. Lovecraft. His work has appeared in The Shot Glass Journal and Leaves of Ink.

The Mirth of Stars Your Only Welcome

The mirth of stars
your only welcome as you loosen
your flesh, tug at it,
until it peels away in long
birch bark strips,
auroral limbs that stretch
through brittle flakes of moon
into the ceaseless eddy
of a mountain stream,
glad of the pain


[image:  "Birch Tree Man in the Moonlight" | Travis Novitsky]

One thought on “The Mirth of Your Stars Your Only Welcome

  1. I just wrote a poem with H. P. Lovecraft in it…. Eldritch coincidences. The forests of Northern Minnesota area fine place to be.


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