End of Year Lists – 2016

Bests. Worsts. Most Deplorable.
Extinctions. Revenant Appearances.
Dead Writers. Dead Actors.
The Heart Broken. Ten Angels.

Superimposed a grocery list
on scratch paper scribbles
prawns, bubbly drinks,
Cascadia blue cheese,
rice crackers, ground coffee
and chocolate-covered cherries.
You add caramels.

Unwritten, days
the pumpkins swelled.
Again we had too many green beans,
a little terrier found our home,
my feet broke through puddle ice
and then dandelions bloomed
on the soccer field without sidelines.
I found the hot cocoa rose and tired
of collecting marbles in dusty bowls.
We disagreed over shrink-wrapped
follies. Mice ran the raceway walls.
Poets sat six fannies to the fire.
I wore my nasty t-shirt to the gym
and squeezed out my sponge nature.
You lost a shoe in a sealed house,
parked your bony ass in Carhartts,
and got an emoticon for Father’s Day.
Maidenhair ferns fell over in the rain.
My saw-blade voice called three crows
and rhymed munchkins with trumpkins.
Three koi in a fountain swam
like shadows of greed.
Sorry seemed a sad password.
The world seems to be full of people
who look like people I know.
I can’t decide which pair of shoes
to wear to march on Washington.

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