Meet Agnes Person

Below is an introduction to the serialized novella, Agnes Person by Charlotte M. Porter in 23 monthly installments for Visitant beginning Tuesday, February 14th.

Meet Agnes Person

Hello, I’m Jena, happily married nurse, and I’m Bea, divorced public accountant. We’ve dropped in to recommend our friend Agnes Person, a spirit free as sunny skies over foothills of our mid lives.

Agnes is artsy, honest, and kind, but she does have pressing hair issues. So, what mammal doesn’t in these days of climate change? In accordance with the old Julian calendar, her story begins on a dank February bus ride and moves right along to her mastery of birthstone alliances. Stay tuned for monthly updates. Agnes Person’s search for happiness entails fancy ankle socks, stray dog, scented wax portraits, prayer breakfasts, surprise birthday parties, blind dates, Liberace, you name it, plus recipes for maple syrup and manbread, the last, Bea’s favorite comfort food.

You, O reader, will meet more people in the life of Agnes Person—her pesky landlord, erstwhile shrink, flaky boyfriend Sofar, and learned soulmate Josephy November. Not to mention goldfish Zen and Pal, nicknames for Zenobia and Palmyra. Fearless Agnes, ever the foe of agitprop, travels the tree line in Macedonian garb. She opens her heart to a disabled child and channels Robert Frost via a crossword puzzle.

A frozen turkey falls from an upper-story windowsill and almost kills brave Agnes. Thanks to our swift intervention, she recovers her old self, plus more windfall. Her quests include sighting Elvis in an oil slick, finding a baby tossed on a Florida highway, and touring with the Silver Linings singles group. Yes, you, too, can crowd-source Agnes and her planned mail-order retail. We should mention one small fault: our dear Agnes is prone to double endings.

Enjoy her likes. More from us later,



First Installment | Free Sample

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