Book Burning on the Television

Don Clermont holds a B.A. in French Literature and has published literary research in The Journal of Eastern Townships Studies. He has also published poetry in SUNY Plattsburgh’s Z-Platt and draws inspiration from American beat poets as well as international poets such as Aimé Césaire, Gaston Miron, and Pablo Neruda.

Book Burning on the Television

Non-substantive information entertainment overload
Freedom of information era
Books coated in oil at our fingertips
Google’s just the match, I’m feeling lucky
A salted assault, the worst since the University of Louvain
Like a fishbowl sinking to the bottom of the sea
I’ve only read The Stranger once
But I’ve read 100 halves of an article on the absurdity of Donald Trump
Cataclysmic convulsions of the British Broadcasting Co.
Cover your children’s eyes from the images of a book burning
Cover your children’s ears as you drown in the static

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