Golfing With Buddha

Greg Hill is a writer and voice over talent in West Hartford, Connecticut, and has an MFA from Vermont of College of Fine Arts. His works have appeared in Black Heart Magazine, CHEAP POP, Atlas and Alice, Queen Mob’s Teahouse and elsewhere. In the evenings, he composes little tunes for his daughters, who are too young to know how poorly their father plays the piano.

Golfing With Buddha

for an enlightened being with a zero handicap,
fucker has a lot to say
from behind the tee box:

keep your head down, feet planted firmly
in the moment,
let your mind be as the windblown leaf

do not dwell in the past
when you lipped out
do not dream of the future
where the universe is one
hole unfolding like a lotus blossom


(      )

the way
is not to slice,
buddha whispers,

my middle finger
standing like a candle between us

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