Beauty Sonnet Under DJT

Jon Riccio is a PhD candidate and composition instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Center for Writers. His work has appeared in apt, Booth, Cleaver, Hawai’i Review, Switchback, The Volta, and Waxwing, among others. He received his MFA from the University of Arizona.

Beauty Sonnet Under DJT

The Donald’s prayer breakfast berating defiance—
rosaries before omelets, a lectern over which his mic and Macy’s dwell,
a carafe, a croissant, puissant ilk, their striplings pray tell.

I think of viral camaraderie, marches against giants,
speak to the relative cosmetics rep, inquire as to her Trump allegiance,
glamour sold out of her trunk, pedaled as a second job so she’ll live well,

mascara under the wiring, psalms thriving off silver spoon and bell.
What would it take to pry concealer from a jumper cable, shatter compliance
where eternity and lip gloss forgottenmanit out of the park?

Yesterday I saw a pedicure in an airport, learned the verb subtweet
as in banishment, blotting the opposition’s 140 back to Kellyanne.
I tried makeup in middle school, puberty grasping the stark

back when he was board games and Deal of the Art which I’ve transposed to unseat—
hoarding blush, second-course hash below a marquee, Mary Kay so ran.

 [image | Donna Trumpette by Saint Hoax]

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