Kathryn Bennett is a 32-year-old writer from Grand Junction, Colorado. She has lived many lives in many worlds, including a laissez les bons temps roulers stint in New Orleans. Her favorite food is still pizza. Kathryn’s background includes a Master’s in Public Health, during which she learned marketing strategies for getting people to “buy” things they hate, such as vegetables and exercise. Her chapbook, Help Me Reach 1,000 Likes: A collection of poems for the Technology Age was released February, 2017 and is available in physical print or digitally on Amazon.

Visitant is featuring selections from her chapbook Help Me Reach 1,000 Likes: A collection of poems for the Technology Age.


What is the inside step
The Martian rules we create
Living red and wild and electric

My face and yours and the dreams
Of west coast silicon
The dark dancing you
Do in the warm night
And the salt taste of
The nape of your neck
The animal breath your fingers slide
Moving serpentine on the keys

You are too fluid for my hardened stare
And in the slow death of night
I only recall your sweet stroll up the stairs
And into the blue televised maze
We call the divine

How dare you have the confidence
To guide ME into the light?
All while you’re tapping for entry on my
kneecaps and wrist bones
Your tongue a loose cannon
Your ankles a Street
Your imagination
Now Mine
Mine Alone


[image | Lina Scheynius]

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