more beer less dog (thoughts on thurso beach)

Kevin McCoy hails from Northern California. He spent several years travelling the world with the Navy before obtaining his MA in English from the University of Aberdeen. His first collection of poems Tea in a Bowl was published by the Unsolicited Press in 2015. He currently lives and works in Colorado.

more beer less dog (thoughts on thurso beach)

the tin snaps open.

there is the fresh smell of stale
beer and briny waves and
dying sea weed.

the beer is warm.
usually is.

sticky sickly sweetness.

the scouries scream their
stories to the calm day.

somethings gone wrong.

an old couple sit in the car
passing their coffee flask
watching the tides gently
lap awaiting sand.

a dog without a collar takes a
dump on the pile of rotting
kelp then hobbles out of sight.

more beer.
less dog.

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