Song For A Wasp Woman

Lee Jaszlics is a technical writer and  photographer living in Portland, Oregon. They share their life with a cat, two pet spiders and a dissecting microscope.

Song For A Wasp Woman

Do not forget to sing the morning rain
That rattles glass eyes on your crawling home
Caterpillar-dweller, my sister, my enemy—
Come on out, the water’s nice
My friend, my hemolymph and honey girl
We’ll twist together
I’ll push against your spiny legs
Trap and tangle, spread frass to roots and honeydew
Across my folding petals/sepals into
Androgynous anthers/stigmas/styles all the way to ovum and then
The delightful frottage ends
We’ll call butterflies
Entice them with our dripping sugarpot
Lie here; lay here—
The kids need to eat

[image: Apache Wasp | Lee Jaszlics]

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