Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead

I wait, 
patient as leaves.

You like to speak of pleasant topics,
& keep the thicket of the heart unmentioned. 

My breasts have changed,
their fullest moment wasted.

We will have to make our peace,

		me & the skeleton,
		me & the hourglass.

I cracked the ice,
a blow that brought life rushing back,
brutal as any birth—first blood,
then pure gold.

I was blue as a sapphire before,
numb-hearted & painting on lipstick
to fool the world. 

This poem appears in a forthcoming limited edition collection of poems by Tai Woodville, Alissa Hattman and Sara Jackson Holman. HER ANIMAL INHERITANCE explores intimacy, emotional memory & how we hold the pain we carry. Book release party in Portland, OR at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop | August 17th, 7 pm.

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