Family Plan

Kathryn Bennett is a 32-year-old writer from Grand Junction, Colorado. She has lived many lives in many worlds, including a laissez les bons temps roulers stint in New Orleans. Her favorite food is still pizza. Kathryn’s background includes a Master’s in Public Health, during which she learned marketing strategies for getting people to “buy” things they hate, such as vegetables and exercise. Her chapbook, Help Me Reach 1,000 Likes: A collection of poems for the Technology Age was released February, 2017 and is available in physical print or digitally on Amazon.

Visitant is featuring selections from her chapbook Help Me Reach 1,000 Likes: A collection of poems for the Technology Age.

Family Plan

I sat at the old oak table in the dim winter light
and felt the last bit of us drain out of our
Broken hands. It’s time for you to go and I don’t
want to to be married to you
Any more, I told you, and you blinked hard at me
with unfeeling, limpid root-beer eyes.

My mother drove around the block, waiting for
you to leave.

Your face was unsurprised as though it had
ever shown emotions that wasn’t generated by
Someone on the other end of a screen. Feelings as
characters, a dance of the semicolon.

You spent two years buried in electronic foreplay
With strangers
For this to be the climax.

And when it was all over, you told me
The thing you missed most was your phone.


[image: Technology and Infidelity | Joey Guidone]

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