Tony Colella has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, where he’s now a Geography Ph.D. student. He’s also a photographer and he co-hosts the podcast The Imaginaries (available on iTunes and Soundcloud). He’s published poems, short stories, and essays, most recently in Essay Daily, Scissors and Spackle, dirtcakes, and Saltwater Quarterly.


In our age of supermen
I must choose my building

lethal height, but not
tall enough to be
of regular interest.

Too, I'll jump
around 7:30

& the day isn't yet
one or its other.

Still light enough
for me, from 33 stories
to watch them

criss X cross the sky
filled with every
savior and eye we

could possibly want.
I leap

& mistake wind for forgetting.

No arms to catch though
he rushes behind me.

These moments I 
spare for triumph

to see in my hero
regrets like lost envelopes
        like the red tail

a kite cut free
or pulled too sharply.

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