Every Woman Loves a Fascist

Khaen is a writer and science educator. Since earning her doctorate in molecular phylogenetics, she has worked as human anatomy and physiology teaching faculty. Her book of poetry, The Bone Collectors, is unpublished. She lives in Ames, Iowa with her husband and their two children.

Every Woman Loves a Fascist

I admit it: I want to be a kept woman.

In a house. Or in a shoe.

Had so many children she

Didn’t know what to do.

On second thought

Forget the kids; just keep

Me locked in jars with lids.

And cages made of chicken bones.

False eyelashes. Dial tones. Buy to sell. Or rent to own.

Women’s lib can kiss my skirt: I want a man to treat me like dirt.

And when he’s done, I’ll scrub the house, wearing nothing but a peasant blouse.

Yet, I don’t think I want one of those things. Just a brand-new car and diamond rings.

A few small things to call my own, with nerves like strings on buspirone.

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