Let’s take a selfie

Omar Alexandre is his pen name and he lives in Miami, Florida. He is an aspiring writer, an award winning filmmaker and a hipster in denial. His first short film, Knowing, was accepted into two film festivals. Additionally, two music videos he directed as a member of Backyard Cinema Club were awarded at the 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival. Some of his poems have been featured in In Between Hangovers, Horror Sleaze Trash, Blakelight Magazine, Your One Phone Call, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and Juste Milieu.

Let’s take a selfie

blood always
tastes better splattered
on the dance floor
slightly intoxicated
under a pink disco ball
where your distress
and misfortunes meet its maker,

a beat appears and
another follows suit
causing the herd
to conjure and conjoin
and make questionable
life decisions

along for the ride, I
toss my blue
collar out,
reach for my
phone, and
take selfies with
and i do it
all while looking
tragically sexy
in cheap cologne
damaged eyes
and cutoff levi jeans

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