Sastrugi In Early September

KG Newman is a 2012 Arizona State University graduate and sports writer for The Denver Post. His first two poetry collections, While Dreaming of Diamonds in Wintertime and Selfish Never Get Their Own, are available on Amazon.

Sastrugi In Early September

In the summer underlain
the evergreens sung with birds
even if the boots we wore
signaled our time was short.
At least I thought it was.
Later, grayer, I’ll say
we should’ve had a third.
But now all that mattered
was keeping the kids warm,
by hike or at ballgames
flaked in white, to where
we’d out-weathered
climate change so as to
adapt to what we really are.
Husband and wife,
or father and mother.
Whatever makes snow
in the summer fun, and
keeps summer summer,
even as buntings freeze
and drop from the trees.

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