Mating Season

Jeannie E. Roberts has authored four poetry collections and one children’s book. Her most recent collection is The Wingspan of Things, a poetry chapbook (Dancing Girl Press, 2017). She is also the author of Romp and Ceremony, a full-length poetry collection (Finishing Line Press, 2017), Beyond Bulrush, a full-length poetry collection (Lit Fest Press, 2015), and Nature of it All, a poetry chapbook (Finishing Line Press, 2013).


Mating Season

It’s late April and the lake-ice begins to yield.
Spring’s teased and flirted, skirted her purpose―

until today. Lifting her sunny-laced crinolines,
she vocalizes with copious call, flaps with full-

wing throttle: honk and squawk, beat and echo.
Geese, gulls, and grouse resonate throughout

the neighborhood. Clapper plays musical footsie―
even our wind chime makes overtures.

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