Leah Cappelli is a poet and social scientist based in Staten Island, New York. Leah is a fierce advocate for alleviating the stigma afflicted on those who suffer from psychological ailments and is a firm believer in the healing power of poetry and writing in general. Leah has been published in Open Minds Quarterly and various poetry blogs. Leah lives with her sweet pup, Chiquito, in a modest apartment in the forgotten borough.


The wind does not make a sound unless it blows against something
The wind is vulnerable, though, it is quiet without an audience
It howls for attention

Psychic burdens do not make a sound unless
You channel the energy through your throat
And beyond your ever-tingling limbs

Amniotic tranquility is necessary in times of expansion

Responsive versus reactionary
Your anxiety tells you exactly who you are

The violent rain will be terrifying
But will reward you with

Acute reminders of your proclivities
Show themselves as hives
Hidden in your tattoos

Change sings songs of growth in every time signature
The melodies collaborate with the rising moon

The harmonies caress your quivering spine
And beg you to do what you were meant to


[image: Transience | Rachel Baran]

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